Gitea sometimes make server crash on commit

Hi. I’m using gitea 1.17.3 and recently, my kubernetes cluster started having node reboots from time to time. gitea is installed through helm from here: charts | Gitea (gitea-6.0.3 at the moment). I was eventually able to figure out that the node reboot is associated to a commit done through the web interface. I’m never seeing such node reboot when I’m doing a commit from the command line. On some occasions, the commit (through the GUI) will work and on some others, it won’t cause the node to reboot, but will eventually time out.

Does that rings a bell to anyone? Not that I’m using the GUI so often (I’m a command-line guy) but if I do and this cause a node reboot, it obviously have some bad effects on other workloads I’d like to avoid.



Nope, I don’t think I have heard about something like this yet.
Please open a issue on GitHub once you have some logs and at best a way to reproduce it.
Your problem does sound like there is some fatal error/ uncaught panic occurring, I think there should be logs of that.