Gitea json log formatter


We are trying to use gitea 6.0.3 … We have installed it via helm .
tgz is fetched from charts | Gitea .

Please can you share some information on from values.yaml how we can change the log formatter ? we need json log ,with some static fields along with the actual message .

Thanks in advance.

could someone please help here.

I don’t think Gitea can log to JSON. I don’t see an issue about it either.

Sorry for the late response, as mentioned above Gitea does not currently have a JSON logger.
An issue could certainly be opened, as I’d imagine it would benefit others as well.

Thanks for replying . Yes having json logger would be helpful as now a days in distributed architecture, logs are generally parsed in json and shown in grafana/kibana GUI .

FYI , above feature proposal is created