Gitea installation 'node-check'

I am tried to install Gitea from source and run this based on the documentation,
TAGS=“bindata” make build

I have installed node and even tried different versions of node and npm but it still says,
Gitea requires Node.js 10 or greater and npm to build. You can get it at Download | Node.js
Makefile:204: recipe for target ‘node-check’ failed
make: *** [node-check] Error 1

This is the relevant part of the Makefile

What does node -v or npm -v give you? Perhaps they aren’t on your $PATH?

node -v and npm -v outputs the installed node and npm version respectively, which means they are exported in path. I went to the Makefile and commented out the node-check piece as I was sure that node is there but I face somilar proble for go. I have installed Go and exported it to path and can check the version with ‘go version’ command but that piece of script fails there.