Gitea ignores conf/app.ini

Hi folks,

I installed gitea on a server about a year ago using docker. (Without docker-compose)
I have added /var/gitea as the volume /data and edited /var/gitea/gitea/conf/app.ini. Recently I got a report that “It was not working anymore”, so I checked it and gitea was in a stuck in a loop while starting. It still is by the way.

But most importantly it is ignoring my /var/gitea/gitea/conf/app.ini. For instance I have set SSH_PORT = 10022 but the log says:

Dec 19 21:46:09 syslogd started: BusyBox v1.28.4
Dec 19 21:46:09 sshd[14]: Server listening on :: port 22.
Dec 19 21:46:09 sshd[14]: Server listening on port 22.
2018/12/19 21:46:09 [T] AppPath: /app/gitea/gitea
2018/12/19 21:46:09 [T] AppWorkPath: /app/gitea
2018/12/19 21:46:09 [T] Custom path: /data/gitea
2018/12/19 21:46:09 [T] Log path: /data/gitea/log
2018/12/19 21:46:10 [T] AppPath: /app/gitea/gitea
2018/12/19 21:46:10 [T] AppWorkPath: /app/gitea
2018/12/19 21:46:10 [T] Custom path: /data/gitea
2018/12/19 21:46:10 [T] Log path: /data/gitea/log
2018/12/19 21:46:11 [T] AppPath: /app/gitea/gitea
2018/12/19 21:46:11 [T] AppWorkPath: /app/gitea
2018/12/19 21:46:11 [T] Custom path: /data/gitea
2018/12/19 21:46:11 [T] Log path: /data/gitea/log
[keeps repeating]

Can anyone help me out with that? Has gitea changed some paths?

My installation works again after I have updated to 1fb7ecd2eb51b4eb2a1abd4df9a0a6ebfd4d327384bcb66512a0f256adc79931.

I still think that it is pretty annoying that an update completely breaks an installation.