Gitea/Gitea Action issue in Docker on Windows - could not resolve host when fetching repository

I am attempting to use actions and have setup a runner which was able to successfully register with my gitea instance. When an action runs, it fails when attempting to fetch the repository:

fatal: unable to access ‘http://my_docker_service_name:3000/org/repo/’: Could not resolve host: my_docker_service_name

I have both the gitea instance and the gitea runner instance running inside docker.

I am able to ping my gitea instance from the runner instance and it is able to resolve the host name successfully.

I am wondering what the difference could be when the runner is executing an action and why it wouldn’t be able to resolve the host at that time.

It appears that the network name I had specified in my docker-compose.yml and in my config.yaml file were identical, however when the network was created in docker, the name was prefixed with “gitea_” for some reason.

The runner was still reading the original network setting without the “gitea_” prefix from the config.yaml file and once I added the “gitea_” prefix to the network name it started working.


Glad to hear you found your issue.

Just to confirm: it is normal docker compose behavior to prefix everything with the directory name it’s running from.
This goes for networks, containers, volumes, you name it.

Hi, how did you solve it? I’m stuck with that ‘naming’ problem. I can successfully ping docker-composed gitea by name, but act_runner stops with timeout trying to access http://gitea:3000

Got it finally ))
In my case it was:
network: "gitea-compose_gitea"