Gitea chat room


I may have missed a way to participate in the Gitea discussions happening in discord without joining discord (because I do not agree with their TOS). I found the Gitea matrix room paired with the IRC channel, but there is not much activity.

So… did I miss something?

Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:

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We had long ago bridged matrix & IRC to the discord room, but sadly a couple reasons led to disconnecting the bridge.

  1. frequent dropping of bridged messages (leading to people believing they were being ignored, but in reality someone on the other side of the bridge responding to their questions)
  2. spam attacks/ban evasion/overloading of moderation team

However, we are slowly evaluating our options again in terms of bridging. We can even use Gitea identities to log into matrix (via oauth/oidc, which codeberg has even done as a proof of concept). However for Gitea, there is a PR pending that we would need for some of our use cases.


Thanks for the informative reply. I’m just glad I did not miss an existing way to participate.

there is a problem with the discord service apparently. It’s not possible to join if you use a “tutanota email account+SMS” << your cell# gets banned if you used a tutanota email account.

I’m no discord pro – I tend using slack, and other avenues as discord is mostly for gaming/spamming users… so I can accept if it is no longer possible to join the gitea chatroom. The spam issue is a very big problem on “gaming” platforms – perhaps gitea’s chat should move to slack or something where most developers use? It’s more tailored for a more mature audience afaict in order to keep the noise low and any problematic spam accounts out.

it would be great if chat-rooms can set “challenges” that are more sophisticated than a basic captcha – and have a “delay” registration time-period of at least a few days… this way it will keep spam accounts out.

it would also be great, if we force all new discord users to a registration fee — I spoke about that to the discord staff – that way no spamming accounts can just auto-sign up and post without first giving a fee for each account that they make… that will definitely solve 99% of the problems… for any service. anywhere.

it’s too bad I can’t login. but I am not going to use this discord as a ramble of complaints… though I think there are users like myself who are getting locked out unintentionally by the overly-set broad rules that are currently in place.

hopefully invitations can re-open again, so I can broadly exchange interesting ideas on making this project much better. (maybe it will never happen because the spam is out of control who knows)


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I’m told could be used to bridge discord with matrix. Has anyone tried that already?

yeah, that was what was used previously. Seems woodpecker is using it, and it appears to be rather successful.

I’ve just linked matrix and our #general room from disocrd, and other than a minor hiccup at the beginning it all seems well now.

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This is excellent news :+1: :tada: Thanks for the :christmas_tree: gift :santa: !

How can I find the room you just linked via matrix?

Nevermind, the following work: