Gitea as OAuth provider for ArgoCD


I’m trying to use Gitea as an OAuth2 Provider for ArgoCD.
I followed the instructions here, and set the issuer to https://[my-git-domain]/login/oauth/authorize. Also tried setting it just https://[my-git-domain].
However, from Argo, I get the following error after pressing the “Login with Gitea” Button:

Failed to query provider "https://[my-git-domain]/login/oauth/authorize/": 404 Not Found

I traced the issue back to the function here. Interestingly, this OIDC implementation does not call only the issuer domain, but adds /.well-known/openid-configuration (Line #97).
This explains the 404, gitea does not know about that URL.

So my question is, how do I connect Argo to Gitea as an OAuth Provider? Is it even possible?
Am I using the wrong issuer URL?


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