Gitea Actions + Vercel = Gitea Pages

I recently wrote a blog post about using Gitea Actions to automatically build and deploy a website to Vercel:

Perhaps this would be interesting to some of you, so I’m sharing it here as well.

For people that have their own Gitea instance already, this seems to be a better option than Github Pages in some ways:

  • Host private repos for free
  • Dynamic web applications
  • Automatic front-end framework detection

Regarding the last point: using the method shown in the blog, using the Vercel CLI, it also automatically detects the front-end framework being used. It works for a bunch of front-end frameworks out of the box, like React, Vue.js, Angular, Next.js, Gatsby, Svelte and plain HTML/CSS/Javascript. I have only tested Next.js though. Let me know if you try anything else, especially if it doesn’t work. Then I’ll update the post.

Leave a comment if you know about any other advantages.

Many thanks to the Gitea developers making such a powerful feature!


Thank you @loosetooth for your blog. It’s a good example to reveal how the powerful of Gitea and Gitea Actions. Could we share the link on our X, LinkedIn and other places?

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Yes, feel free to share the link anywhere you like.

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