Gitea Act Runner Docker on Windows with node:16-bullseye

I have the following problem and I am not sure if there is a solution. Maybe someone can help me.
The current situation is as follows. I want to use a Docker image with .NET Framework for integration testing in Gitea Act Runner.
The Act Runner and Docker are installed on a Windows system, which works so far. When I activate the Act Runner
tries to load the Docker image node:16-bullseye in the background. Which in my opinion is required for the execution of Docker,
because I have not specified the image in any configuration. The problem is that the mentioned image node:16-bullseye is not available for the Windows system.
What is the approach in this case?

I have also tested the Act Runner path under Debian. In this case there is no Docker image with the .NET Framework.


You have to install Docker Enterprise Edition (Preview), and switch docker to use linux container.

Install-Package Docker -ProviderName DockerProvider -RequiredVersion preview -force
[Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable(“LCOW_SUPPORTED”, “1”, “Machine”)
Restart-Service Docker

Do not install Docker CE from Docker official binary.