Git lfs locks return Full Name rather than Username

Gitea v1.7.1

When creating a new user, the default screen requires that you enter just the Username. To add a Full Name, you must Update the user.

I have written some bash scripts that call several git commands, one of which is git lfs locks. The script parses the output. Initially, I tested without adding Full Name to the users. While adding additional users, I began updating with Full Names. It broke my script. When a Full Name is configured, git lfs locks returns the Full Name. When Full Name is NOT configured, git lfs locks returns the Username.

I don’t know if this is a git-lfs quirk or a Gitea quirk. This seems inconsistent. Our company uses first initial + last name as Username. Unfortunately, there is no consistent way to convert Full Name to Username. Example:
John Doe and Jane Doe both map to jdoe.

For now, I have removed the Full Names from the user accounts, but as we continue to add users, it will be a bit of a nuisance.

Github does not work this way. git lfs locks always returns the Username.