Garbage Collection for LFS Files

Hey i ran into a question about unused LFS Files,

Because we don’t want to blow up our storage with hundrets of binary LFS file history we tried to squash the commits so that only one commit with the LFS files exist and the history is lost.
I checked in the Repos Settings under LFS and most of the Files under find commit don’t show a commit anymore which is expected.
I tried the Cron Tasks for “clean deleted branches”, “garbage collection for LFS-Meta Data Objects” and “garbage collection for Repository” but all didn’t delete the unused LFS files from history.

Is there a other task to delete these files or is it expected to delete them by hand if needed?

I have the same problem. LFS files are not deleted after deleting branch. I also tried running cron jobs, but the files remained. I’m using version 1.20.6.
I found an issue, but it was closed due to lack of activity - LFS file is not remove when branch is removed..
This discussion will probably suffer the same fate.

Actually for Cron jobs it depends how old they are Config Cheat Sheet | Gitea Documentation . Only after 7 Days they will be removed by default and then only a portion will be checked per run, see the default values.

But currently be aware i think i might have deleted all my old LFS files older than 7 days with running the LFS pointer garbage collect cron job, even if they where active.