Enriching github pull mirror repository

Hi all,

I have setup a mirror repository from a GitHub repo I do not own. I did this, because the original repo has no official docker image but only the docs to build your own. What I want to do is, on every push in the original repo and after synchronisation build the docker image and push it to my local registry. To do so I need to add a .drone.yml (that’s the CI system I am using locally) to the repo - but I don’t want it to be pushed back to the original repo. I am not sure if it is enough to have no push repo configured or even if it is just a pull mirror synchronisation means to pull/push…

That is the setup I am using - the docs are not clear to mean as I am no native english speaker (you might have figured out already :wink: )

Thanks for helping…

Hello, I have a similar need, did you get any test results?

It will not be pushed back to the original repo with your current configuration. This will only happen if you have configured push mirrors. (Also if you do not own the GitHub repo and do not have push access to it, it can not happen even with push mirror configured)