[Done] Gitea.com migrated to a new provider

We have migrated to a new place, but missed serval days git data. We are sorry for that. Please check your repositories the missed commits could be pushed from your local.

Since our donated cloud provider of gitea.com will not provide us any more, we will move gitea.com to a new place. The move will be taken for many hours.


How long will it be?

The database has finished, now we are syncing git data. It’s about 1.1TB. We have syncing once about 10days ago. This syncing will be an increment syncing.

how is it going? is everything ok? how long will it take?

It’s very slow. But all the data are there. It’s difficult to estimate the time to finish.

What happened with the provider that caused them not provide services any longer?

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Hope everything is okay.
We are all waiting for Gitea to come back.

Keep it up! :sunglasses:

Gitea.com now is up. Sorry it took so long.