Documentation for all secrets

There are four configurable secrets, and they are listed in the cheat sheet.

But they are not properly documented - I am unsure what each is used for.

  • INTERNAL_TOKEN : “Secret used to validate communication within Gitea binary.”
    I’m not a go dev, so it’s not obvious to me what that means. Should I set this to a custom value in my app.ini?

  • JWT_SECRET : “OAuth2 authentication secret for access and refresh tokens…”
    I’m using username/password auth, so I assume I can ignore this?

  • LFS_JWT_SECRET : “LFS authentication secret, change this a unique string”
    I’m using git lfs, but not oauth. Should I still set this?

  • SECRET_KEY : “Global secret key. This key is VERY IMPORTANT, if you lost it, the data encrypted by it (like 2FA secret) can’t be decrypted anymore”
    I don’t use oauth or 2fa. Should I still set this? (What other data does it encrypt?)

Thanks for your help!