Docker with SSH and HTTP reverse proxy, unable to push?

Hello, we are having some issues using gitea docker behind an nginx reverse proxy.

Our setup looks like the following:

Gitea is running as a docker instance on with ports 3000 and 22 exposed. is a Debian 10 machine. is a Debian 10 machine running nginx as a reverse proxy which is used to A) have a DNS-record and B) use HTTPS via let’s encrypt.
It also streams TCP traffic on port 22, so SSH.

The DNS for this is which resolves to

However, when root_url is or we are unable to push because we are seeing lfs timeouts.

If we set the root_url to be, it works splendid, and we can use the DNS to reach git but obviously, traffic is then sent directly to the IP - this is not the ideal configure because we may want to expose it to the outside world, and also have several instances via port 22 on the same host - hence the reverse SSH streaming.

Any ideas why? Is this because the real address (The docker private network) is something different?

Thanks in advance.