Docker registry doesn't work with implicit latest tag?

I am using the docker registry with my gitea instance, and i built and pushed a docker image with a semver style tag, but when i try to do a pull either without a tag, or use the latest tag (same as not using a tag) it fails.

Is this behavior intended? I thought latest was an implicit tag that will grab the newest image by default even if the registry doesn’t have an explicit latest tagged image?

For context on why this is important, i want to use this docker image as a container used by the act_runner, and so i need to specify the tag in the config file. But if i want to use semver style for my tags, i would need to update the config on the runner every single time i build a new image and push it up? Unless i can just refer to it with “latest”. But that doesnt seem to work.

user@pc:~$ sudo docker pull my.gitea.domain/owner_name/image_name
Using default tag: latest
Error response from daemon: manifest unknown
user@pc:~$ sudo docker pull my.gitea.domain/owner_name/image_name:latest
Error response from daemon: manifest unknown

but obviously works when i use the explicit tag i pushed with

user@pc:~$ sudo docker pull my.gitea.domain/owner_name/image_name:0.1.0
0.1.0: Pulling from owner_name/image_name
c7b0d57ce5e9: Pull complete 
a83234b04932: Pull complete 
1232c4ef21f6: Pull complete 
dcc3767e35ef: Pull complete 
5b3c84185bc5: Pull complete 
4f4fb700ef54: Pull complete 
4407d7e5fa20: Pull complete 
72b80732ed5d: Pull complete 
bb51ca85edfb: Pull complete 
1f4b32f83678: Pull complete 
b647b0f76fef: Pull complete 
Digest: sha256:9784f5a01e12345678910d22067fc4784fd0ab43fd75dbbdeb3d7dc10055d3e
Status: Downloaded newer image for my.gitea.domain/owner_name/image_name:0.1.0

Have you tagged your image with latest tag

You need to tag docker image with your semver and latest tag. Docker does not consider the newest image as latest.

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