Custom user account source

What’s a good (or ‘the best’) way to link an existing user account source—a PostgreSQL table—to a Gitea instance? I’d like my existing users to be able to sign in and interact with my Gitea instance without having to make another account.

I can limit interactions to the web interface, so potential interaction with Git is less of a problem.

I recommend using something like an ldap integration tool that can map between your DB and Gitea, or your could use something like or (which may work too, although I haven’t tested either for your use case)

Thanks @techknowlogick—those projects seem great for adding OpenID authentication to my existing database.

Do I have to configure Gitea some special way to make sure it can use all accounts that do not exist inside of it?

I only have experience with creating accounts explicitly in Gitea, so I’m not very knowledgable about how OpenID interacts here.