Configure Jenkins pipeline (not organization)

I am pretty new to Gitea, so please be patient with me :wink:
My goal was to replace GitHub with a self hosted tool and I was soon directed to this neat little application, that was so easy to install, as I very rarely find applications to be on a Linux based system (my applause for that to the DEV team!)
My work consists out of Jenkins Pipelines, each bound to a GitHub repository and a Jenkins file. I do not use Jenkins in the strict context of a CI/CD tool, but more like a command processor.
We setup scheduled jobs by using Pipeline jobs inside Jenkins. In some rare cases we use some web hooks to have those pipelines triggered.
This being said I now try to setup such a pipeline, but fail, as Gitea seems “only” to work with “Organization Folders” due to the manual I find.
I would have Gitea expected to just “pop up” beside GitHub as SCM Tool. But it only occurs in the “Organization Folder”.
Is that correct, or do I miss anything?