[CI question] Best practice to be notified about bad commit status

I run Gitea + Drone, and Drone successfully sends commit status back to Gitea, so I see them in
a pull request page, e.g.

My need is to make Gitea somehow to send mails if a build failes.
Are there options to do in Gitea?

P.S. Looking into the code base I see that
POST /api/v1/repos/ilya/backend/statuses/{sha}
just writes information into the db, but doesn’t trigger something about sending an email.

Gitea currently have no the event about commit status. But I think there should be a drone plugin to do that. If there is not, maybe you can write one yourself.

In comparison with other solutions, Github Actions sends an alert email if a build for a commit fails.
Are you interested in such a feature for Gitea?

Yes, this is my fallback action just to script that down in .drone.yml.

But IMHO it would be better to send a corresponding email from Gitea, especially as Gitea notifies me when I push a commit to a PR. I mean:

  • Gitea notifies me by email that I just pushed a commit to PR
  • but doesn’t notify about the result of that commit

I think it is not a perfect behaviour.
What do you think?

I think so. I will send a PR to add the event if nobody does that.