Check out my job runner for podman and buildah

Hello everyone!

I’ve been using Gitea for some time now, but I’ve never joined this forum here.

I think it’s a magnificent project and I wanted to thank everyone involved for the great work!

Recently I’ve learned that Gitea has now it’s own actions implementation and I really like where this is going. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any ready to use container image that would include podman and buildah and other things needed for running actions.

That’s why I’ve created my own image and it seems to be usable.

I hope I’m not violating any rules - I just want to let others who also prefer Podman to Docker, to use it in their environment.

If you’re interested, please check out my repo and docker hub page:

You’ll find instructions on how to use this image on your runners there.

Basically, there are the flavors of the image:

  • rocky
  • rocky-minimal
  • fedora

Personally, I think rocky-minimal is the best choice to use when you just want to get some containers built.

There are examples on how to use it with docker and docker-compose, but it should also work on Kubernetes after you apply the same parameters as for starting the runner on docker.

The images are built for linux/amd64 and linux/arm64 archs. If you’d like to see more architectures, feel free to let me know here or create an issue on GitHub (I should probably create a mirror here as well)