Can't login when not started in root directory

I have “just” installed Gitea 1.5.2 and starting the server from the Gitea root directory (E:\gitea) everything works, but if I start it from another directory or using the service I always get Username or password is incorrect

I’m using sqlite3 and I have set

I’m running on Windows 10 Pro version 1803

Ideas on what is wrong??

// Anders
EDIT: If I start the server from the root directory this is displayed:

E:\gitea>e:\gitea\gitea.exe web
2018/10/23 14:10:59 [T] AppPath: e:/gitea/gitea.exe
2018/10/23 14:10:59 [T] AppWorkPath: E:/gitea
2018/10/23 14:10:59 [T] Custom path: E:\gitea
2018/10/23 14:10:59 [T] Log path: E:/gitea/log
2018/10/23 14:10:59 [I] Gitea v7238bb3 built with: bindata, sqlite

The login is working

If I start from a different directory

C:\WINDOWS\system32>e:\gitea\gitea.exe web
2018/10/23 14:10:13 [T] AppPath: e:/gitea/gitea.exe
2018/10/23 14:10:13 [T] AppWorkPath: E:/gitea
2018/10/23 14:10:13 [T] Custom path: E:\gitea
2018/10/23 14:10:13 [T] Log path: E:/gitea/log

The pages work, i.e. the Home page and the login page, etc. BUT login will not work!
In App.ini I have specified all paths as absolute paths, E.g.

PATH = E:/gitea/data/gitea.db

I also tried to update to version 1.6 but the behavior is the same :frowning:

OK, I have solved it!

I went to the Gogs documentation ( and there is said that I needed to add this in the App.ini

APP_DATA_PATH = E:/gitea/data

Now everything(?) works!!!

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