Cannot "npm login" to GITEA

I do have a strange issue regarding login to a private hosted GITEA

I can upload/download MAVEN artifacts but cannot do anything related to NPM
All npm-login attempts fail (.npmrc with scope/unscoped, _auth or _authToken etc.)

Error is always the same:
404 Not Found - PUT https://…/user/org.couchdb.user:xxx

As written, same user/secret/token is OK with MAVEN but not NPM

Did my provider mess something up or misconfigured something related to NPM?

Update: npm login using .npmrc with username/_password instead of _auth/_authToken results in “401 Unauthorized”

Solved: there is no login

Our provider blocks login, only “npm publish/unpublish” is working
For this, .npmrc ONLY has to use _authToken, no email-parameter or any other parameters

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