Can login but cannot push Docker image on registry


I am trying to push a Docker image on my selhosted Gitea instance, but I am struggling to do it.

When I type docker login I get the following message, proving that I am actually logged in:
“Authenticating with existing credentials…”
“Login Succeeded”

But when trying to push the image, I get the following message:

When I searched for this problem online, I found that one of the reasons could be the name of the image, but I did follow the naming convention provided here: Container Registry | Gitea Documentation, so I have no idea what could be wrong.

Does anybody have an idea what might be the problem ?

What’s your Gitea version?

I’m currently using Gitea 1.21.7

When I went to “”, I saw a warning message saying that I was using two depracted config options:

  1. ‘[server]’ ‘LFS_CONTENT_PATH’
    That I changed to ‘[lfs]’ ‘PATH’ in “gitea/gitea/conf/app.ini”

  2. ‘[log]’ ‘ROUTER’
    That I changed to ‘[log]’ ‘logger.router.MODE’ in “gitea/gitea/conf/app.ini”

I also noticed that the [server] ROOT_URL was actually using HTTP instead of HTTPS, so I changed it too, I have no idea if this had any incidence though.

Now it works