Bug with GET team information from API

Hello. Today I was found a weird reaction from gitea API. I tried to fetch all teams of organization using this curl:
curl -X GET https://<my_url>/api/v1/orgs/<my_team>/teams?access_token=<my_token>.
And I’ve got teams, where one team has ID equal 17:
[…{“id”:17, …}].
Then I tried to fetch all information about this team with ID = 17, using:
curl -X GET https://<my_url>/v1/teams/17/members?access_token=<my_token>.
And I’ve got error message, which says that such team not found.
{“documentation_url”:“https://<my_url>/api/swagger”,“errors”:null,“message”:“Not Found”}
Is this a bug or I did something wrong?
Gitea version: 1.11.3
Thanks in advance.