Automatically update forks

In my instance of Gitea I have some mirror’s but in most of the cases I want to be able to make a simple change (mostly in the docker file, and now with gitea actions create a .gitea folder and automatically buid/push a container) to a repo and after that keep it automatically up to date. I found out that I need to create a mirror of the original repo and then create a fork of it to be able to change those settings. But after that I need to make manually PR’s and merge them. Is there any way to automate that (and maybe notify on an conflict)? maybe with gitea actions ? or is there already some script? I can’t imagine , I’m the only one wanting this.

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The “Sync Fork” mechanism from Github would be really helpful …

I have several ansible role repos in place, and I routinely fork them for specific projects that use them as a base. Make updates etc. to accommodate the specific project.

The upstream repo is where real work is done though. But it would be very nice to have a simple web-UI method to pull updates from upstream into the fork.

Since there is already issue for this, I think we can close this one.

You can use Gitea Actions to do the fork sync. Use cron job.