Are there companies providing managed Gitea hosting?


I’m looking for organizations that provide dedicated managed (including upgrades) Gitea hosting, do you know any?

Not something like DigitalOcean which provides an image ready to install but no upgrades. Not something like Codeberg which is sharing one Gitea instances among all its users.

Such an organization would not necessarily advertise that prominently but provide such a service as part of their global managed hosting service.


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What do you think of the service? What’s the different from DigitalOcean ?

DigitalOcean does not provide upgrades, it only provides an image to boot the VM with. I’m looking for a company that would take care of the upgrades as well.

DO does provide upgrades (well technically I do), but since the 1-click image on DO (and vultr for that matter) uses canonical’s snap, it updates when there are new updates to the snap.

But I do get what you mean, as backups, uptime, and other things you may expect from a managed service are still lacking from that specific offering.

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Oh, I did not realize that was a snap, thanks for the information! It does provide upgrades which is nice. I’ll have to look into the upgrade policy to figure out what happens when 1.16.0 is out and the snap is on 1.15.10. Will it move to 1.16.0 right away or wait and upgrade to 1.15.11? IIRC it depends on what the publisher of the snap decide is best but I can’t recall.

What is expected from a company that provides managed hosting is to do whatever is necessary to fix the following scenario:

  • Running 1.15.10
  • Upgrade to 1.16.2
  • The upgrade fails because there is a bug in the upgrade (for instance in 2FA but can be any number of reason)

In other words, the customer is never required to figure out and fix a failed upgrade, this is not its responsibility.

do you guys have success using using SSH on snap? i can’t get it working