Add general statistics in API

I write here because I don’t want use Github, it is not a free software and it is not ethical.

Gitea is really great and its API swagger run well. But I need more entries to measure the general activity of my instance:

  • account count: total, last month active count
  • organization count: private, public, total
  • repository count: total, private, public, forks, mirrors
  • merge requests: total, open, closed
  • issue count: total, opened, closed, issuers, locked
  • datafiles: total in bytes, file count
  • databases: total size

Actually, it is possible to compute them but it requires many API requests and numerous walking in json files.

So it will be great if an API entry would return these data in only one request. Moreover, since this information is anonymous, it could be provided without a token. For example, with GET/stats.

With all my thanks and encouragement :smiley: