Access protected repos without having to type auth data?

The use case I am considering is being able to give potential employers access to my password-protected self-hosted code repos, but without their having to type in the username and password in order to log in (I don’t mind their knowing the password, though).

I have considered token-based access granting, but that seems to be a feature only in the Gitea API?
I also tried passing in auth data as URL parameters to auto-populate the login form, but that didn’t work. I then discovered the templating language in the Gitea template files, and I can kind of see how javascript and this language could be used together to make URL parameter passing work to pre-fill the login form. But it seems like maybe a cludgey solution.

If anyone might have ideas on how to proceed in a more elegant way to make an effortless login / access possible (without using third-party services like OAuth), I would be very happy to hear your thoughts.